Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wild World of Bikes

This is basically an update of my last entry. I didn't have my camera with me during the crazy amazing bike festival at the boy's school so I found some great photos to share with you the intensity of the bikes here. Its ride or die in Holland, they are serious about bikes, some of these cost like 1500euro! Daaaang. Enjoy the bikes and imagine riding them through Amsterdam on a sunny summer day (or a rainy winter day if that's your style). Oh and for a bikefiets success story update, I have now successfully driven the bakfiets with two kids in it! Yay for me and yay for bikes!

Here's a nice, cute, normal bike...

And then you can also get something like this, for giants!

Or if you have 2 kids, groceries and a small puppy

I might need this bike just to fill with ice cream, eat all the ice cream and then burn the calories off by riding this around town full of cheese, then eat all the cheese and fill it with something else yummy and repeat again and again.

This bike extends your capabilities on a rainy day, but probably doesn't help when its windy.

This bike is just cute because you can stack your kid on the front and keep an eye on them. No mischief allowed!

*All of these photos are from de Fietsfabriek website

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  1. slowly starting to look like a bicycle obsession.....nice blog by the way :)