Sunday, November 22, 2009

Walking Tour Photography Day

While Libby was here we had a lot of ideas for things to do today. But, then we slept in and lost organization. So, I came up the walking tour because #1 there was only one bike (still working on getting a bike that I can carry people with), #2 we enjoyed the perks of a beautiful lazy Sunday and #3 walking is free! Since we're on a budget FREE is something that really resinates with my adventure planning. I'm trying to cram in as many experiences as possible during this year abroad and euros only go so far. Thus, the Chocolate Festival did not make in out our list since everything there was 20 euros or more. I figured its possible to make our own chocolate festival for about 2 euros at the grocery store! HA! 

My goal for the day was to wander around, get lost, and figure out my way back without a map. Final result: Success!! I have always been so confused by Amsterdam's winding canals and tiny, twisted streets, but now it's so easy for me, yay!

An adorable corner canal. 

Houses with fun windows

Oh, whats this? Just another adorable street!

House boat + Garden
Bikes, Canals and Bridges

Pretty art nouveau details

Sun setting early as winter approaches

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