Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pretty Autumn Day & Visit to Oosterpark

There was minimal rain today, yay! So, I used my day off to explore the Oosterpark. Its a lovely English garden style park that was designed in 1891 and conveniently located in my new neighborhood. The plan was to find the last of the autumn leaves before winter arrives. Autumn isn't really a season in Florida, we just have super hot and moderately less hot. Before I moved here, I was so excited for season changes and cute fall/winter accessories. So far, I haven't started to hate the cold but I'm sure by March I'll be whining and wishing for Florida's warmth.

First I rode my bike for a bit, then wandered around the park in the crisp autumn air taking photos. Followed by riding my bike (see a pattern developing here?) and checked out some of the surrounding neighborhood where I found an organic food store. It was so nice to find a shop that had lots of vegetarian things. Yum yum. I got some sesame snacks and some vegetarian cup of noodles type things and a few other snacks for my upcoming weekend to Rotterdam with Libby. Here's some pretty fall leaves I saw at Oosterpark. I love autumn!

I don't remember what this plant is called, but I do remember loving to pop them as a kid. they make a great noise when you squish them.

Lovely shades of autumn...

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