Sunday, November 15, 2009

Museumnacht (N8) 2009 and New friends

My first weekend here in Amsterdam was pretty great. Naturally, I had some jet lag and immediately developed a cold- its not quite Florida weather here! Last Saturday was the annual Museumnacht (Museum Night) in Amsterdam. A 17euro ticket grants you access to 42 museums in Amsterdam until 2am! Nice plan but we only made it to six locations and even that felt like a real accomplishment! It was a great night and I met some nice friends through the Couch Surfing group here in the city. I've talked about CS before but if you are confused its an online travel networking site that allows people to host travels and also 'surf' with others while traveling. I've had a pretty positive experience with it since last year when I spend a month traveling across Scandinavia, couchsurfing the entire time.

Our little group was a great match and we had a fun silly night visiting museums and biking around together.
First we visited the FOAM PHOTO MUSEUM . It had some interesting but equally confusing exhibits and even a secret photobooth where people in another room could watch others inside the photobooth making silly faces. Haha, love that! I also love how the popularity of photobooths has increased exponentially! (Thanks to Amelie?)

Then we visited the JEWISH HISTORICAL MUSEUM that had a great exhibit about Sonia Gaskell, a pioneer ballet dancer and choreographer. Libby, another American aupair that I met made the cutest tutu! And they had a great 1930's themed Parisian dance party going on, complete the dancers and crepes of course! yumyum!

Next was the WILLET-HOLTUYSEN MUSUEM which is a historically accurate glimpse into a traditional (wealthy) Amsterdam canal house. I love'd it here! Heres Libby (also an au pair) and I taking a champagne break. Each glass had a (fake) diamond inside that you could turn in, in hopes to win a real one but we decided just to keep ours. You can also read Libby's Dutch au pair blog here!

Here we are at the HERMITAGE which recently re-opened this summer. It has the most amazing collection dresses and treasures from the Russian royal family. We all wanted to dress up like princesses despite how unethical it is to open the cases and try on the clothes!

After a quick shortcut through, (must I even mention it?) the red light district (which left me visibly traumatized but I suppose thats just how it goes) we went inside the OUDEKERK. It was a random stop but equally entertaining due to the electronic-jazz-organ-spaceship musical show that we endoured. At least I got a cool picture of the organ looking nice and creepy!

Our last stop was a little art space & dance party where all the too cool hipsters hang out. At least the music wasn't techno so we had a hilarious time dancing around like nerds which as you know is totally my speciality!

Museumnacht was a great time and I can't wait for next year. I celebrated my first weekend here eating my favorite falafel and showing Libby around a few things. FUNFUNFUN!

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