Friday, November 13, 2009

I made it... To Amsterdam!

Sorry in the delay in blogging but I have been so busy the last week that I never had time to properly focus on writing. Now I have a lazy Sunday so its time to get started!

Yes, I have arrived in Amsterdam safe and sound! The family is nice and I'm still working on navigational things and getting used to the coordination of FIVE different schedules to look out for but now the first week is over and I’m not packing up to run away... yet!

I’ve settled in nicely to my apartment which will be today’s topic because of course its raining right now (and everyday it seems!) My place is on the very top, up four flights of stairs- no need for a gym membership here in Amsterdam between biking, chasing/carrying kids and running up and down stairs. With four flights, it's a little cardio workout if you run up all the stairs at once.

This week feels like it flashed by but then sometimes I feel like I’ve been away for so long!
Still, I’m having a great time and excited to explore the city and have used the metro a few times, something that I never did as a tourist here in Amsterdam but having the metro is great.

So far, I haven't gotten too lost yet but there is still time for that!

View from the living room

Rainy day view, which is how it usually looks since theres SO much rain here! My goodness.

Do you know why the houses are so skinny here? Well, it's because back in the day, you paid for how much land you used (width). Thus tall and skinny buildings!
Heres a link to some other cool skinny houses. I'm sure that I'll expand on this more throughout my time here because of course, there cute houses are everywhere!

Like this one that I saw in Oudewater last year...

And click here to see some skinny houses all over the world!

Fortunately, with the internet it’s been easy to keep up with people.
Needless to say, a lot of time has been spend video chatting and I like it that way!
Jolie and I are enjoying some stroopwafflen together a million miles away!

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