Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quick stop in Portland, Oregon

On my way to my cousin's wedding I had a few hours in Portland after a loooong day of flying. On our way up to Oysterville, Washington we stopped at Vita Cafe in Portland. It was recommended by a friend and the menu boasted local and organic foods and had some meaty options that I thought might interest my almost 92 year old grandmother.

The food was just okay, actually my Greek salad was pretty good, but the other items ordered we not up to par. Of course, the experience would have been much better if the server could have toned down the arrogant impatient attitude. That's right, I'm calling her out on being totally sassy to my adorable almost 92 year old granny who needed some extra time reading the menu and understanding what tempeh was. Sorry hipster lady but granny doesn't care about your fixed gear bike or dirty hair or tattoos, she just has old lady eyes and needs to read slower. Anyone who could be so rude to a stranger, and especially to a cute little granny should be scolded. So, shame on you rude waitress at Vita Cafe, you're officially shunned.

On a delicious note of awesome, I tried two new doughnut flavors that day: maple and also oreo! I've seen so many promos for Voodoo Doughnuts on the Food Network and Travel Channel that naturally I needed to stop in a taste some sweets. It was pretty cool and the flavor availability was pretty impressive. And did I mention yummy!?!

Inside the shop with my tiny, cute Granny

Just a little bit excited...

Oreo doughnut!!


Looking at all the flavors totally inspired me and now I want to make a DIY doughnut shop for people to add their own flavor combinations. Also I need to make haagelslag doughnuts! Or speculoos doughnuts!? Wow, I can only imagine how yummy that would be! Any investors interested? Haha, I think this is a brilliant idea because haagelslag+ speculoos +doughnuts=amazing sugar intoxication!! Yay!

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