Saturday, September 26, 2009

Curried Chickpea, Carrot and Potato Tagine with Raisons and Dirty Dancing Sing-A-Long

Feeling inspired from the success of last week's Friday night sing-a-long pizza party, my friend Ashley and I decided to mix up some Curried Chickpea, Carrot and Potato Tagine with Raisons. I used this recipe from Vegetarian Times about a year ago and remember how savory it was so we decided to re make our own version. Tagine is a North African style stew usually made by letting the ingredients simmer for a while.

We added ginger, raisins, potatoes, sriacha, chili for more of a kick! I think it came out with the perfect amount of sweet and savory; heat from the sriacha and curry with sweetness from the raisins, cinnamon and ginger. If you like different textures this is definitely a meal for you. Another addition would be adding the tagine on top of steamed brown rice and removing the potatoes. One hint: be careful not to add excessive cinnamon. This is a problem I have because, well, cinnamon is just a basic flavor in my cooking and I get really excited to add it to things. Unfortunately, too much cinnamon won't disintegrate into the liquid, causing a change in the texture, making it more gritty. So, be forewarned!

Here's the recipe

*This could be vegan if you used a soy based yogurt and agave instead of honey!

Three simple steps...



YUM! We finished almost the entire batch, it helped fuel our rendition of the "Dirty Dancing" final dance!

This meal is so quick and definitely a great success. What a delicious way to power up for an all night Dirty Dancing/Grease sing along party! Thanks to movies like that, even twenty-something ladies can revert to being twelve years old and singing into a hair brush, love it!

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