Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I was feeling a bit nostalgic tonight and began going through old pictures and to my surprise, I realized that I have never posted stories from my China trip! I'm shocked that I never got around to it but with over 1,000 photos it was a daunting task that kept getting put off. Also, the trip pre-dates this blog and I suppose I was caught up with other travels last summer, but WOW, I really can't believe how fast time flies!

The first blog entry I every wrote was an assignment for out China field study in 2007, and while editing my blog tonight I found our student blog. All of the students attending the trip were to write reflections of their experiences on different places we visited, so there's a lot to learn on this blog!

Here are the entries I wrote...

Overview of Kaifeng, China
Some reflections of my trip 
And also a post on traditions and modernity 

I'm so excited to go back through my photos and look back on such an amazing, influential journey!


  1. You should post your power point presentation about food that you did for my class!

  2. Oh good idea! I will have to see if I can find all my intense anthropology powerpoints haha. I miss our nutritional antho class, so fun! Ps. How did the spicy curry turn out?