Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Lesson in Preparing Algerian Berber Couscous

الكسكسي الكسكسي الكسكسي الكسكسي الكسكسي

Our Parisian/Algerian friends were visiting and Iness taught me how to make traditional berber couscous! yum! I already had a serious love of the stuff, but learning how to cook it the 'right' way was so fun and interesting! Yay for international visitors!

Here is iness getting things ready... We have carrots, turnips, potatoes, peas, lima beans and another vegetable that neither of us know the correct word for!

We had to have a make shift steamer since we didn't have the correct type used in algeria...It's amazing that just a little bit of tin foil can fix just about anything!

The whole trick is to basically steam it, let it rise, and steam again. And here is the final product! VOILA!

Here is Karim whipping up some yogurt to eat with the couscous. I think the 'correct' type is to use kefir but we improvised by just using plain still tasted great!


Later on, Iness and Karim wanted to try some Floridian delicacies of gator and frog legs, so we took them out for quite a treat!

PS. if you want to hear some of karim's magical algerian gypsy blues songs check out his myspace or his website (english version) i guarantee it will make you want to dance!



  2. I adore cous cous! Nice also the Algerian gipsy songs... ;-)