Monday, October 6, 2008

Swedish Midsummer + Flower crowns

I went back to Sweden a few weeks ago just for a quick trip with my Mother and it was so nice to be back. 

I shouldthe rest of my Scandinavia trip since
that was the whole point of creating this blog...

This video should be a sufficient explanation of how we get down on midsummer...
How lovely to have our very own accordion player!


After visiting Stockholm, we headed out to the countryside for a few days of partying experiencing Swedish culture. Our group was 20+ international travelers who met up on Couchsurfing. Pretty cool!

We did lots of traditional things like, taking too many shots, eating roasted potatoes to soothe our hangovers, dancing around Maypoles. We also enjoyed in a traditional midsummer parade and of course, made our very own lovely midsummer crowns! It was quite a celebration indeed. You can find more posts about our trip to Sweden here.

...and put them to good use!

Playing a fun game of kubb...

Our lovely midsummer evening was complete with Swedish flag and of course, a Volvo!

Our international midsummer feast!

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