Monday, August 18, 2008

Weighing Witches in Oudewater

Before I can even explain this adventure, it is very important that everyone reading this understands how amazing Monty Python is. If you don't then maybe this will put you up to date...

Well, maybe Monty Python isn't exactly historically accurate BUT it is still hilarious! Thus, I felt a true need to visit Oudewater to see a genuine witches weighing station. Actually, Oudewater was known for holding 'fair' witch trials and allegedly, the men there weren't easily bribed. I find that hard to believe but, that's what they say. Supposed witches were weighed and if they were too light it was evident that they could easily fly away on broom sticks to meet with Satan (makes sense, right?) Therefore, if you're heavy enough to squash the broomstick you're clearly to fat to fly away to Satan and yet, you don't get burned to death! What a clever way to solve a problem.

We headed to Oudewater after our visit to the famous cheese market in Gouda. Typical Dutch style, the village of Oudewater was tiny and cute, with a similar museum to match.

A tiny door in a tiny town...

How cool is this house?!

Fortunately, I weigh more than 50 pounds so I’m not a witch! Hooray!

Uh oh! Abbe is so small she just might be a witch! It’s undetermined! Hahah just kidding Abbe!

Good thing we weren't burned as witches otherwise we wouldn't have this cute picture in front of the weigh house!

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