Friday, August 22, 2008

Stockholm City Guide

I picked some of my favorite recommendations for visiting 
Stockholm, Sweden
We had perfect summer weather and with so many things to see and do,
 (and eat!) I'd go far enough to say Stockholm was my favorite city 
from our entire trip! Second favorite? Definitely Copenhagen!


This was our #1 favorite place to enjoy the sunset and stuff ourselves! You can read more about our experience dining at Herman's 
(a total of four times during the trip!)
INFO: Fjällgatan 23, 11628 Stockholm, Sweden. +46 8 643 94 80 Metro green line, exit at the Slussen stop and walk up the big hill, you can't miss it! 

Our absolute favorite dinner spot, Herman's!

This delicious spot is actually located inside the ethnographic museum! 
I recommend the Indian platter or Greek platter
 and of course, the amazing homemade chai tea! 
Visit early to experience the museum and then be ready to eat for lunch around 11-12pm, keeping in mind this place gets packed around noon on Fridays. 
If possible, be sure to go on a sunny day so you can fully enjoy a picnic in their park complete with picnic blankets and umbrellas! 
We spent all day here and planned to go back but got caught in a terrible rain storm and the busses were on strike, bummer. 
INFO: Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 34, Box 27140, 102 52 STOCKHOLM Tel: 08-519 550 00Take Bus 69 from the Central Station to Bus stop Museivägen.  

We stumbled on this place by accident while strolling around a popular shopping district of Stockholm. Although the location is pretty ritzy, don't be fooled. 
The meals were comparatively moderate when it came to the price and everything was served fresh and hot. With lots of different spicy sauces, which is a definite plus in my book. 
INFO: Norrlandsg. 13, 11143 Stockholm, Sweden +46 8 22 50 44.

This bar in the old town area is packed full with as many people as there are antiques all over the place. The fact that I had fun here despite practically being on my deathbed with a weird Swedish illness says a lot! 
It would be a nice way to end a walking tour of old town or just a fun night out. Easy location, its just a short walk from central station. 
INFO: Stora Nygatan 5, Gamla Stan (Old Town) Tel. 08-205793. 

::: MUSEUMS :::

This little museum has a wonderful collection of artifacts from around the world. When I visited there was a temporary exhibit about communist china in the 1960's. An entire summer day could be spent in the gardens and the collection is really interesting and for the most part kid friendly. Brush up on your Swedish because most of the collection lacks English descriptions.
 I know, I've already recommended this in the restaurants section but that's because we loved it here! 
INFO: Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 34, Box 27140, 102 52 STOCKHOLM Tel: 08-519 550 00Take Bus 69 from the Central Station to Bus stop Museivägen. 

In the 17th century, a huge, fancy ship sank in Stockholm’s harbor during it's maiden voyage. Then, in 1961 someone found it in the harbor (333 years later) and restored The Vasa. 
Now she lives in a museum that also houses all the artifacts that we salvaged from the wreck. 
INFO: Galärvarvsvägen 14, Stockholm. Walk from central station, nice view of the harbor (20-30 minutes) or buses 47 and 69 leave from the Central Station.

Exploring the culture and history of Sweden in the last 500 years, this museum had an excellent exhibit on folk art and the indigenous Sami people. 
INFO: Djurgårdsvägen 6-16, Stockholm. Bus 44 or 47. 

 Unfortunately, this outdoor museum was the one thing in Stockholm that I didn't get to do. But I’ve heard so many wonderful things that I still needed to keep it on the list. Skansen is an open-air folks museum that opened in 1891. (I visited a similar one in Oslo and loved it!). 

 I feel like I should end this post by recommending Couch Surfing to anyone who is interested. This network is so much more than just wanting to stay for freeCouch Surfing is a cultural exchange that brings people together around the world. Honestly, I was skeptical at first too, but it really made our entire trip even more amazing because of the experiences that unfolded. 

For instance, we wouldn't have known about the epic international midsummer party had I not met Belinda on Couch Surfing. Of course we had a few frustrating moments, like getting locked in a guy's apartment! Creepy! 
But all of our other hosts were great and the locals we met gave us a few of the best tips to the city.

PS: Try using Google Translate to change a website's text into English for easier reading or trying searching topics in the country's native language, you might find some great local deals!

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  1. i can add another great blues&jazz bar to your list. akkurat. right next to slussen hiton. great music on sunday eves. vegetarian only if you stick to drinking.