Friday, August 22, 2008

More from Eindhoven... Visiting Abbe's Museum!

While traveling around with my pal Abbe, we stayed with our friends Ellen and Carlos in Eindhoven. Upon arriving, we were excited to discover that Abbe had her very own museum... The Van Abbe Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art!
It was clearly a necessity to snap a picture of Abbe in front of her namesake.
So, naturally, we made a day of it and toured the museum as well.

Inside held a nice contemporary art collection, even though it isn't particularly my taste as my interested in modern art ends at surrealism. Abbe's favorite part was the elevator which made different sounds as you went up and down to different floors.

I enjoyed the temporary exhibit called Be(com)ing Dutch, which was about the diversity of Dutch culture and how it is absorbed by the variety of immigrants who are assimilating into Dutch culture as well as bringing more diversity with their own cultural ideals. The exhibition included a lot of photos and videos about the Dutch experience and one I found really interesting was about the naturalization classes that immigrants take to become new citizens. I guess that's the cultural anthropologist in me...

Here we are...

An intriguing light display... HA!

After that we showed abbe about downtown Eindhoven and I had a few déjà vu moments from being there as a kid. Since it was out last day we had to celebrate our trip with a nice glass of warme chocolademelk met slagroom!

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