Saturday, August 9, 2008

Leiden, the final days

I'm sad to say that my time here in Leiden is quickly coming to and end. Thursday and Friday sped by and now most of my student friends have already returned home. I'm sad to go, but something tells me that I'll be back at some point soon. That's of course something to look forward to!

This week, I finally got to visit Museum Volkenkunde the cultural museum in town. No surprise, I loved it! They have an amazing collection of artifacts from all over the world, I was in heaven. Unfortunately, the pictures aren't so great because i took them on my blackberry, but sometimes i just get too overwhelmed with excitement for foreign artifacts that i need to savor the moment with a picture, pixilated or not. 

A Mesoamerican turquoise skull...

Assorted African masks...

...and of course my day isn't complete without a panda!

I also checked out the Sieboldhuis, another musuem in Leiden that offers a large collection of Japanese artifacts. Check out this gigantic crab! 

I always ride past this cute yard shop and think of my mom. Hi mama! 

New friends from around the world at our farewell dinner... It's too much of a bummer to say 'Goodbye' so let's just say, 'Tot ziens!"

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  1. I can't believe it's time for you to leave already! I love that other picture of the bikes dragged out of the canal. I had to post on the museum pics though b/c that turquoise skull is sooo coool!