Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Biking along beach in Den Haag

Vandaag was geweldig!

After our Dutch class finished, Ilana, Ellen, Abi and I took the train to Den Haag to visit mijn moeder. We biked along the beach and it was lovely!

A very popular treat in Holland is drop or licorice. While the flavor is peculiar for me but I did kinda enjoye the salty licorice lollypops Ellen brought along. Apparently, the Dutch are crazy for this stuff!

Op het strand...

Hallo, Mama!

After our beach time picnic we rode through the dunes to Scheveningen and then through the woods and to Mom's favorite book store before heading back to the hotel for a drink at the bar. It may have been the booze but after seeing an English speaking job posting, I started toying with the idea of staying and working somewhere in Holland. This summer has been so much fun that, honestly, I'm depressed about leaving (seriously, I really, really don't want to leave yet!) Maybe it's just boredom of Orlando? Or the feeling that I want some more adventure in my next chapter life? Or maybe it's the ease of cycling and meeting so many fun, new people but... I've fallen in love with life here! 

Two anthropologists and an international lawyer walk into a bar... Upon arriving back to Leiden, Ellen, Abi and I had a vivacious heart to heart conversation about anthropology, culture, politics, women's issues... It's so refreshing to meet someone also interested in exchanging discourse and have similar interests or just ideas in general that should be discussed! I feel like we've known each other for much longer than just a few weeks. That's the beauty of traveling, your world opens up to so many new sights, sounds and people! 

met onze warme chocolademelk...

Another evening, we kicked things off with snacks and drinks at my place before we headed out to a local pub for international student night. Funny enough, I had a very different student-life experience primarily focused on academics sand working and less on socializing. Studying over here makes me kinda bummed, like maybe I missed out a bit of the 'college experience' but then again, who knows!

It was so fun to have mijn moeder come to visit! She so adorable, flying around the world to visit me and go for bike rides. After the last few weeks, it's even more clear to me that I should figure out a way to live here.  It feels like there's still so much to explore and this adventure isn't quite ready to end... Tomorrow Abbe arrives and then we're off to Amsterdam for more fun!

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