Sunday, August 3, 2008

Celebrating Gay Pride in Amsterdam

Wow, today was an incredible splendor of feathers, glitter and canal boats... 
A group of us left Leiden for a day of celebration at Amsterdam's Pride Parade! I've heard from friends what a wild party but it still took a bit of convincing to get an adventure group together.  The city was buzzing with happy vibes and rainbows a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon! 

Amsterdam already chaotic in the summertime but the Gay Pride celebration to things to another level! As if people need an excuse to drink Heineken and dance in the streets. Having never previously attended such a massive event of this type, I gotta say, everything was just as splendid as I'd expected. 

Completing a bit of anthropological research...

My favorite float was the guy dressed presumably as the Pope with dancing male companions wearing next to nothing! I later discovered this was in fact a play Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet, the Dutch version of Santa and his helpers... which makes it just as funny!

Snapping pictures was fun but I think this video best captures the energy of the parade...

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