Saturday, August 9, 2008

Abbe's visit to Leiden

On woensdag my good friend Abbe came to visit from Florida. It's her first solo trip and first time to The Netherlands so, I'm looking forward to playing tour guide and help her become an expert world traveling. On the first day of her visit, Abbe and I rode out bikes to Katwijk. It was a warm enough day for bikinis so jumped in the Nord Zee... and quickly jumped back out again! No doubt about it, the water was ice cold... waaaay too cold for two Florida girls! 

After the beach, we went to Ellen's adorable apartment
to meet her cute, chubby bunny named Vifje.

Then, we got together with a few other Leiden friends to eat more pannenkoeken, yum!

Abbe's first stroopwafel at the local market, hot and fresh with melted caramel... the best!

Check it out! I've mastered the art of cycling with a passenger on the back...without falling into a canal! This new skill has me feeling feeling a little bit assimilated into Dutch culture 

Fun fact: Did you know, every once and a while someone drags all the bikes out of a canal!

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