Monday, August 18, 2008

The Kattenkabinet in Amsterdam

On our way to Amsterdam Abbe and first made a visit to Leiden's anthropology museum. Funny enough, Abbe found a cat hiding in the bicycle rack, which she promptly chased until he conceided and snuggled with her. Sure, I love my cat but I don't consider myself a cat person like Abbe given that I’m impartial and for the most part uninterested in other people’s cats. *note the Dutch lady in the background trying not to laugh too hard at Abbe!*

While I love Amsterdam for the wonky buildings, lovely scenery, adorable canals, fantastic museums... I’m not really a big fan of Amsterdam in the summer. It's tourist mayhem with lots of annoying people flocking there to eat psychedelic mushrooms. I prefer to visit during calmer times to enjoy what the city has to offer without being completely bombarded by craziness and tourists puking in the canals. But Abbe was my guest, so, we headed over to explore Amsterdam together. As the story above may indicate, Abbe really, really (really!) wanted to see the Kattenkabinet, a museum dedicated to... you guesed it, C A T S! 

It seemed like a weird request but I just needed to see this unusual place first hand. The Kattenkabinet is quite literally a fancy, historic canal house, filled with any and everything about cats. I'm talking live cats, cat games, cat art and even a dead skinned cat (yikes). Later, we learned that the building was from the 1600's and our President John Adams stayed in this house one a trip to Amsterdam. although I was definitely creeped out (it really smells a lot like cats inside) this experience was of course worth the 5euro entrance fee! 

Abbe bursting with excitement before heading into the museum of her dreams

Abbe chasing cats...

Abbe with one of her many new friends... 

Yes, that is in fact a hissing cat devouring a dead bird. That's exactly what you'll find at a cat museum.

And here's the aforementioned dead cat with his live friend! 
Ahhh, this place was weird but irresistible.

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  1. Eew - that is not my idea of a good time! The cheese market on the other hand... mmmm!