Sunday, July 27, 2008

Traveling around Denmark

We arrived to Copenhagen in early June. It's a absolutely lovely city (when it isn't rainy and cold).
 Our Couchsurfing host, Niels was adorable! Our first night, he hosted an international dinner party at the Copenhagen University student apartments. Great food plus plenty to drink made for a very fun night! Niels is an excellent cook and prepared a huge dinner for about 20 people. It was all students, Danish and otherwise and it was a great way to get the trip started.

Upon arrival, Desi and I visited Tivioli Gardens, an amusement park dating back to the 1890s. While I love 19th century design and aesthetic, the park was fun to browse around the gardens and of course, people watch! 

Tivoli gardens

Paying homage to H.C. Anderson

We spent another day visiting the Royal Palace, Nyhavn (old harbor) and finally, the little mermaid! Tt took us forever to find her, but we eventually did and she was adorable. Crazy tourists were trying to climb all over her to get a picture (pretty tacky if you ask me) but with a little patience, they passed so we could snap a few tourist-free photos.

During our whole stay in Copenhagen we tried desperately to use the free city bikes but to no avail. the only ones we found were broken some way or another. Oh well, we'll have to embrace the Danish cycling lifestyle on our next visit! 

Sunny day at Nyhavn, cafes, beers and TONS of people. Unfortunately, the sun only lasted for about an hour before the rain started pouring down.

Yippie! Here she is, den lille havfrue. My kindergarden dreams of meeting Ariel finally came true. 

Desi and Niels having lunch at a great vegetarian restaurant in Copenhagen's 'free town' Christiania. This was definitely one of our favorite spots to visit. It's full of funky cafes and even more funky people!

...the most amazing strawberry torte I've ever encountered!

Another Danish adventure consisted of a day trip to visit the Karen Blixen museum.

Continuing on our literary inspired tour, we later headed over to Helsingor aka Elsinor, the castle where Hamlet lived. 

Danish jellyfish in Helsingor's harbor

Helsingor castle (or Elsinor if you're reading Hamlet!)

When it isn't raining, Danish skies are just beautiful!

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  1. i wish i had a friend named niels.

    your travels are so lovely. i too will soon be traveling again!