Sunday, July 27, 2008

First day in Leiden


Well, I arrived to Leiden yesterday. Everything has gone really well so far! I haven't been to the Netherlands for about two years, but everything seems quite familiar. I have been terrible posting on this blog, so using today's leglag sleepyness to think back upon our trip across Scandinavia... what an adventure!

Yesterday, just walked around Leiden's city center, which is adorable! I really love it here, I could definitely see myself here to study. Having just finished undgrad, it seems odd to be back in school again but, who knows, maybe next fall? My loft apartment is located in a lovely residential neighborhood, very close to the bibliotek and buildings where my classes will be. I love the high ceilings, something that isn't too frequent in Florida.

We ate a yummy falafel dinner and then went over to De Burcht, the old castle was built in the 11th century. Climb up and you have a great view of the city! After that, mom went back to Den Haag and I went to meet the other students for drinks, so far I am the only American. Classes start tomorrow!

There’s a quaint canal just down the street which is ideal however, it attracts seagulls who make noises a cat choking on a car alarm whilst flying about. Not terrible but not a bit of an intrusion to my Belle & Sebastian breakfast party. Okay, so here are some pictures from my first day. I am going to try to keep up with this writing more blog posts soon!

Welkom op mijn appartement!

Mooie brug in de buurt

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